Iraj Hirmanpour

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D uring development, how can you determine with confi dence whether your system will exceed its allowable downtime when delivered? When customers change their minds about functionality, how can you be confi dent that you've made the right trade­offs to deliver the system within your original fi xed budget? During the early weeks of a sprint, how can you be(More)
This paper presents a new approach to computer science education by proposing a model curriculum that presents computer science fundamentals and software engineering concepts in the context of an application domain. This domain-centered model is discussed in terms of its philosophy and structure, and emphasizes curriculum features that enhance the ability(More)
New approaches to system development depend heavily on graphical methods for representation of system requirements and the depiction of final design configuration. Among various diagramming methods, Data Flow Diagrams, Entity-Relationship diagrams and Structure Charts have received the most attention. An automated diagramming tool is created and is made(More)
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