Iraj Daizadeh

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To aid studies of molecular evolution and to assist in gene prediction research, we have constructed an Exon-Intron Database (EID) in FASTA format. Currently, the database is derived from GenBank release 112, and it contains 51 289 protein-coding genes (287 209 exons) that harbor introns, along with extensive descriptions of each gene and its DNA and(More)
We have recently cloned the gene C14orf1, which is strongly expressed in normal testis and in several cancer cell lines and tumors. This gene maps to 14q24.3 and is interrupted by four introns. Two of them are also represented in the open reading frame of Schizosaccharomyces pombe in the same phase. In Arabidopsis taliana only the first of the two introns(More)
The increase in patents is a main driving force for discussions of international competitiveness, knowledge spillovers, patent office efficiencies, and others. However, to the author’s knowledge, it is interesting that no work has investigated the impact of the growth in the number of patents on patent-related scholarly (peer-reviewed) and media (e.g.,(More)
An intellectual property (IP)-centric, communication-based Innovation Agenda is proposed and investigated. The agenda, which is aligned with IP legal prescription, is defined as follows: the firm’s R&D expenditure is captured within products. The firm applies for a patent and files a trademark to protect its interests in the ‘patentable’ product, and issues(More)
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