Iraida Gonzalez-Younes

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When disposition is monoexponential, extravascular concentrationtime (C, t) data yield both disposition and absorption parameters, the latter via the Wagner-Nelson method or deconvolution which are equivalent. Classically, when disposition is multiexponential, disposition parameters are obtained from intravenous administration and absorption data are(More)
The absorption of flurbiprofen through human buccal mucosa was studied after 25 mL of a 2.5-mg/mL solution (pH 4) of the drug in a cosolvent mixture (ethanol 95%:glycerin:propylene glycol:0.3 M sodium acetate buffer, 10:40:30:20) was held and circulated in the mouth for 5 min in a "buccal absorption test." The results were compared with those obtained after(More)
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