Iracema Serrat Vergotti Ferrigno

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BACKGROUND Breast cancer is the most common malignancy in Brazilian women. In recent years, there has been great progress in and an increasing number of breast-conserving surgical techniques; however, immediate or late morbidity after surgery, in the form of functional impairment and pain, remains a significant clinical problem. OBJECTIVE To investigate(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the effect of wrist orthoses on the electromyography activities of the extensor carpi ulnaris, flexor digitorum superficialis, and fibers of the upper trapezius muscles during computer work. DESIGN A randomized, 3 x 2 factorial design: orthoses (no orthosis, wearing a custom-made orthosis, wearing a commercial orthosis) and tasks(More)
BACKGROUND Handwriting is a fundamental skill needed for the development of daily-life activities during lifetime and can be performed using different forms to hold the writing object. In this study, we monitored the sEMG activity of trapezius, biceps brachii, extensor carpi radialis brevis and flexor digitorum superficialis during a handwriting task with(More)
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