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A 3-month-old white male with linear nevus sebaceous syndrome (LNSS), facial deformities, brain malformations, and cortical blindness is presented. Facial deformities included left ear hypertrophy and a left-sided hamartomatous neck mass. Magnetic resonance imaging suggested that a central nervous system (CNS) abnormality, involving gray and white matter,(More)
BACKGROUND Influenza virus-associated neurological complications are rare, though well-documented, especially in children. Encephalopathy and seizures are the most common complications and are typically associated with influenza A infection. Cerebellar mutism has been rarely reported in association with influenza B infection. PATIENT We describe a(More)
An infant with histidinemia had a myoclonic seizure disorder that was unresponsive to therapy with anticonvulsants. The seizures stopped promptly after a histidine-restricted diet was instituted. This case suggests that in some individuals with histidinemia, diet therapy may be effective. It is not known what distinguishes this case from previously reported(More)
The influence of sleep state on the transient (i.e., initial 60 s) and steady-state ventilatory responses to 2% CO2 inhalation was studied in 19 healthy full-term infants. A nasal mask pneumotachometer was used to measure ventilation and end-tidal CO2 partial pressure (PCO2) and enabled abrupt changes in the inspired gas concentration to be made. The(More)
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