Ira W. Cotton

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Mlcroeconomlcs has much to offer the computer services manager. This article reviews some of the tradit ional topics in microeconomics and shows bow they can be applied to the market for computer services The topics covered include supply, demand, costs, and pricing The most significant application of microeconomics is m sett ing prices--so much so that(More)
It has been adequately demonstrated that computer graphics systems need not require the dedication of a large scale computer for their operation. Computer graphics has followed the trends of computing in general, where remote access, time sharing, and multiprogramming have become the key phrases. The problems involved in providing a remotely accessed,(More)
This paper assesses the state of the art in cost-benefit analyses of computer graphics systems and suggests an approach for developing improved methodology. Cost-benefit analyses are distinguished from analyses of system performance in that the latter is directed at optimizing system performance at a given level of investment, while the former is directed(More)
Common protocols provide a means for the interchange of information between dissimilar systems in a computer network. This paper discusses the background and philosophy of the common graphics protocol currently under development for the ARPANET and outlines the details of its design. Other applications for such a protocol are suggested.