Ira Pastor

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The concept of growing crops for health rather than for food or fiber is slowly changing plant biotechnology and medicine. Rediscovery of the connection between plants and health is responsible for launching a new generation of botanical therapeutics that include plant-derived pharmaceuticals, multicomponent botanical drugs, dietary supplements, functional(More)
The effects of immobilization on fetal bone development were studied through post-mortem radiographs in 11 newborns with congenital neuromuscular diseases (CNMD) of intrauterine onset. Quantitative parameters were determined in the following bones: tibia, femur, humerus, radius, 3rd lumbar vertebra, and 5th rib. Thirty stillborns or newborns of similar(More)
Validation of the Coulter LH 750 was carried out in our central hospital laboratory, which processes 1500 hemograms per day for patients admitted into the 4 hospitals of our hospital complex and their corresponding outpatient departments. It is the reference laboratory for the provincial health care area. The analytical quality and the practical use of the(More)
Workflow efficiency is important in every laboratory. Manual assessment of white blood cell counts and differentials that have been rejected by an automated analyzer is one of the most time-consuming tasks in the routine hematology laboratory. In this study, receiver operating characteristics (ROC) curve analysis was used for the first time when anomalous(More)
BACKGROUND/AIM An accurate knowledge of the often complex and unexpected anatomy of conjoined twins is required in order to devise appropriate surgical strategies for separation. The recent progress of imaging techniques prompts an assessment of their contribution to planning separation strategies. MATERIAL AND METHODS From 1990, we treated 8 consecutive(More)
BACKGROUND Only a minority of alcoholics develop alcoholic liver disease (ALD) and allelic variants within genes encoding glutathione-S-transferases (GST) have been associated with ALD vulnerability with controversial results. AIM To assess the effects of GST polymorphisms on ALD by means of a genetic association study and meta-analysis. METHODS We(More)
We describe expression of alpha, mu and pi class glutathione S-transferases (GST) in brain tissue from 21 controls and uninfiltrated and tumour tissue from 17 glioma patients. GST were sequentially resolved by chromatofocusing into the GST2, GST1, GST5, GST2 (5.5), GST3, GST6 sets and the contribution of each to total activity determined. The immunological(More)
To assess the relationship between acute viral bronchiolitis and subsequent development of asthma, we studied retrospectively 97 index children, aged between 9 and 14 years, and 52 controls. The bronchiolitis group showed significantly lower values for mean expiratory flow at 50% of vital capacity (MEF50) higher incidence of atopy, and were more sensitive(More)
BACKGROUND Polymorphisms in the microRNA (miRNA) regulatory pathways are novel functional genetic variants whose association with alcoholism susceptibility has not been previously studied. Given the potential relationship between certain miRNAs and alcohol use disorders (AUDs), this study was designed to explore the association between two polymorphisms(More)