Ira P. Goldstein

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PIE is an experimental personal information environment implemented in Smalltalk that uses a description language to support the interactive development of programs. PIE contains a network of nodes, each of which can be assigned several perspectives. Each perspective describes a different aspect of the program structure represented by the node, and provides(More)
To implement the N U D G E program, a knowledge representat ion language — FRL-0 — based on a few powerful generalizations of the t r a d i t i o n a l p r o p e r t y l i s t representa t ion has been developed. T h e N U D G E knowledge base defined in FRL-0 consists of a h ierarchica l set o f concepts t ha t p rov ide generic deser ip t ions of the t y(More)
Over the next five years, computer games will find their way into many homes, creating a unique educational opportunity: the development of “computer coaches” for the serious intellectual skills required by some of these games. From the player's perspective, the coach will provide advice regarding strategy and tactics for better play. But, from(More)
Bargaining is a process used to modify conflicting demands on an expendable resource so that a satisfactory allocation can be made. In this paper, I consider the design of a bargaining system to handle the problem of scheduling an individual's weekly activities and appointments. The bargaining system is based on the powerful reasoning strategy of producing(More)
Antithyroglobulin antibodies (ATA) and antithyroid microsomal antibodies (AMA) were sought and thyroid function was determined in 90 Hispanic patients with type I diabetes mellitus followed up for up to seven years. We detected ATA in 7.5% of our patients and AMA in 34.8%. All serum samples positive for ATA also contained AMA. There was no sex difference in(More)
The SPADE theory uses linguistic formalisms to model the program planning and debugging processes. The theory begins with a taxonomy of basic planning concepts covering strategies for identification, decomposition and reformulation. A handle is provided for recognizing interactions between goals and deriving a lincnr solution. A complementary taxonomy of(More)
Annotated Product ion Systems provide a procedural model for sk i l l acquis i t ion by augmenting a production model of the sk i l l w i t h fo rmal commentary describing plans, hugs, and interrelat ionships among v a r i o u s p roduc t i ons . T h i s commentary suppor ts e f f i c i e n t in te rp re ta t ion , sel f -debugging and selfimprovement. The(More)