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American Jewish Year Book 2012
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Jewish Population in the United States, 2012
This chapter provides estimates of the Jewish population for about 900 American Jewish communities as well as estimates for the country as a whole, states, regions and Metropolitan Statistical Areas.Expand
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Denominational Variations Across American Jewish Communities
This article explores the Jewish identity of different Jewish denominational identification groups using the Decade 2000 Data Set with its 19,800 interviews of Jewish households in 22 American JewishExpand
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Comparisons between local Jewish community studies and the 2000–01 national Jewish population survey
About 50 Jewish federations completed local community studies from 1985 to 2003. This paper provides guidance to researchers wishing to compare local community study results with one another and withExpand
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Camp Works: The Long-Term Impact of Jewish Overnight Camp
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Perceptions of Zika Virus Risk during 2016 Outbreak, Miami-Dade County, Florida, USA
We conducted a survey on Zika virus perceptions and behaviors during the 2016 outbreak in Miami-Dade County, Florida, USA. Among women, Zika knowledge was associated with having a bachelor’s degree.Expand
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Jewish Population in the United States, 2015
This chapter examines the size, geographic distribution, and selected characteristics of the Jewish population of the US. Section 5.1 addresses the procedures employed to estimate the JewishExpand
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Jewish Population in the United States, 2010
In the second volume of the American Jewish Year Book, the editor observed the following in regard to the American Jewish population:
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