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The prevalence of known cases of diabetes was ascertained from patient records in an 11-county area in Wisconsin in July 1979 to June 1980. The prevalence in the noninstitutionalized population was found to be 1%. Prevalence rates rose from 0.5 cases per 1000 population in the first decade of life to 44.7 cases per 1000 population in the eighth decade. The(More)
The reaction to removal of the mother was studied in 4 group-living pigtail monkey infants. All showed distress, with 3 progressing to a state of deep depression similar to the anaclitic depression of human infants following separation, as described by Spitz. The only infant not showing deep depression was the offspring of the dominant female. The stages of(More)
Depression is a well-known reaction to separation in all species of macaques studied except the bonnet (M. radiata), in whom this reaction has never before been observed. We have produced the depressive response of postural collapse and social withdrawal in a bonnet infant by altering the social structure of the group in which it lived in a way calculated(More)
Heart rate (HR) and body temperature (BT) were recorded from ten unrestrained group-living M. nemestrina (pigtail) monkey infants, using totally implantable multichannel biotelemetry systems, during a 4-day base line (preseparation) period, during the agitation-depression reaction accompanying 4 days of maternal separation, and for several days following(More)