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We conducted a pilot study followed by a large clinical trial in Nepal of the use of the capsular polysaccharide of Salmonella typhi (Vi) as a vaccine to prevent typhoid fever. In the pilot study, involving 274 Nepalese, there were no significant side effects of the Vi vaccine; about 75 percent responded with a rise in serum antibodies of fourfold or more.(More)
BACKGROUND Gastritis has a broad histopathologic and topographical spectrum and leads to different patterns of disease. The introduction of the Sydney system made it possible to grade histological parameters, identify topographic distribution and provide etiological information which would help to generate reproducible and clincally useful diagnoses. The(More)
In the autumn of 1967, plague broke out among hill people in western Nepal, a country that had not previously reported human plague. Two persons were infected from an active sylvatic focus at a grazing area 5 km from Nawra, the village where the epidemic occurred. The second patient introduced plague into the village where the rest of the cases occurred.(More)
Due to immense competition in the market, mobile equipment vendors and service providers are faced with the challenge of delivering solutions early, way ahead of their competitors. Time-to-market pressures necessitate a carefully worked out test strategy for verifying and validating the correctness of mobile communication solutions. This paper outlines the(More)
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