Irén Kerekes

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Induction of knockout mutations by T-DNA insertion mutagenesis is widely used in studies of plant gene functions. To assess the efficiency of this genetic approach, we have sequenced PCR amplified junctions of 1000 T-DNA insertions and analysed their distribution in the Arabidopsis genome. Map positions of 973 tags could be determined unequivocally,(More)
Fifteen Bacteroides fragilis isolates from the USA, Hungary and Kuwait were examined for carbapenem resistance, for carbapenemase activity and, with the use of various PCR-based methods and nucleotide sequencing, for cfiA genes and activating insertion sequence (IS) elements. All the B. fragilis isolates were cfiA-positive, 10 of the cfiA genes being(More)
Correct segregation of chromosomes is particularly challenging during the rapid nuclear divisions of early embryogenesis. This process is disrupted by Horka(D), a dominant-negative mutation in Drosophila melanogaster that causes female sterility due to chromosome tangling and nondisjunction during oogenesis and early embryogenesis. Horka(D) also renders(More)
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