Irène Salamun

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BACKGROUND CONTEXT It has been controversially stated that pain-related fear is a more important determining factor for disability in chronic low back pain (CLBP) than pain or physical impairment in itself. So far, the relationship between psychological and physiological determinants of chronic pain, that is, pain-related fear and physiological abilities,(More)
BACKGROUND Chronic pain is considered to be a complex phenomenon, involving an interrelation of biological, psychosocial and sociocultural factors. Currently, no single treatment or therapy can address all aspects of this pathology. In our expert tertiary pain centre, we decide to assess the effectiveness of four treatments for chronic pain classically(More)
Background Patients' changing attitudes and beliefs about pain are considered as improvements in the treatment of chronic pain. Multidisciplinary approaches to pain allow modifications of coping strategies of patients, from passive to active. Methods We investigate how two therapeutic treatments impact patients' attitudes and beliefs regarding pain, as(More)
Assessment of chronic pain is one of medicine's most difficult challenges. A structured and flexible multidisciplinary approach allows full characterisation of the various components of the pain syndrome. This then allows the use of a rational combination of pharmacologic, physical, psychological, and surgical techniques. It is essential to gain the(More)
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