Irène Kriegel

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Treatment of breast cancer meningeal carcinomatosis (MC) relies on intrathecal chemotherapy. Thiotepa is one of the few drugs approved in this setting, although no large cohort has been reported. The aim of our retrospective study is to describe survival and prognostic factors of breast cancer patients treated by intrathecal thiotepa. A search in the(More)
Formation of resilient biofilms on medical devices colonized by pathogenic microorganisms is a major cause of health-care associated infection. While in vitro biofilm analyses led to promising anti-biofilm approaches, little is known about their translation to in vivo situations and on host contribution to the in vivo dynamics of infections on medical(More)
The use of catheters and other implanted devices is constantly increasing in modern medicine. Although catheters improve patients' healthcare, the hydrophobic nature of their surface material promotes protein adsorption and cell adhesion. Catheters are therefore prone to complications, such as colonization by bacterial and fungal biofilms, associated(More)
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