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This paper is concerned with a semiparametric partially linear regression model with unknown regression coefficients, an unknown nonparametric function for the non-linear component, and unobservable Gaussian distributed random errors. We present a wavelet thresholding based estimation procedure to estimate the components of the partial linear model by(More)
We want to analyse EEG recordings in order to investigate the phonemic categorization at a very early stage of auditory processing. This problem can be modelled by a supervised classification of functional data. Discrimination is explored via a logistic functional linear model, using a wavelet representation of the data. Different procedures are(More)
The paper deals with a generalized linear model with functional data using a wavelet representation of the signals. A reduction of dimension is first obtained through a principal component analysis. The discriminative function is then given by a loglikelihood maximization, with a LASSO penalization, in order to ensure the sparsity of the wavelet(More)
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