Irène Balmès

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We have performed the first-ever numerical N-body simulation of the full observable universe (DEUS "Dark Energy Universe Simulation" FUR "Full Universe Run"). This has evolved 550 billion particles on an Adaptive Mesh Refinement grid with more than two trillion computing points along the entire evolutionary history of the universe and across 6 order of(More)
We study the imprint of dark energy on the density profile of dark matter haloes using a set of high-resolution large volume cosmological N-body simulations from the Dark Energy Universe Simulation Series. We first focus on the analysis of the goodness of fit of the Navarro– Frenk–White (NFW) profile which we find to vary with halo mass and redshift. We(More)
Fluid from pleural effusion (n = 2) and cystic hygroma (n = 7) was obtained from eight fetuses, between 13 and 32 weeks of pregnancy at the time when a conventional prenatal diagnosis procedure was carried out. As these fluids contain lymphocytes, they were processed like peripheral blood. A karyotype was obtained in 4 days in both cases of pleural effusion(More)
We report the realization of the first cosmological simulations on the scale of the whole observable universe. These simulations have been carried out on 4752 nodes of the Curie supercomputer as a part of the Dark Energy Universe Simulation: Full Universe Runs (DEUS-FUR) project which aims at establishing new probes to put constraints on the nature of dark(More)
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