Iqra Basharat

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There is a huge amount of `knowledge-enriched data' in hospitals, which needs to be processed in order to extract useful information from it. This data is very useful in making valuable medical decisions. However, there is a lack of effective analysis tools to discover hidden relationships in data. The objective of this research is to mine the historical(More)
Requirement engineering is considered the most imperative phase in software development process. The RE practices have been defined as a key issue that affects the success rate of projects in software industry. Scarce requirement engineering can lead to expensive errors in the later software development phase. The literature reports a variety of Requirement(More)
This paper presents a method for hidden pattern mining on dental medical records related to oral conditions and different procedures that are performed on various patients. The decision to follow a set of procedures is based on the examination and diagnostics. Nowadays there is an increasing trend towards digital dentistry, but the full potential of digital(More)
Data mining has recently emerged as an important field that helps in extracting useful knowledge from the huge amount of unstructured and apparently un-useful data. Data mining in health organization has highest potential in this area for mining the unknown patterns in the datasets and disease prediction. The amount of work done for cardiovascular patients(More)
The technological advanced global environment has originated multi-cultural virtual teams. It is quite novel conception to practitioners. The growth of virtual teams, virtual work groups, and virtual companies has been expedited with the arrival of internet technology that provides low-cost telecommunication and emails facilities. Different companies in all(More)
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