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We have identified four overlapping genomic DNA clones coding for human class 1 heparin-binding growth factor (HBGF-1), also known as acidic fibroblast growth factor, by screening genomic DNA libraries with an HBGF-1 cDNA probe. The exon-intron structure of the HBGF-1 gene was determined by Southern hybridization and nucleotide sequence analysis. The(More)
An enzymatic activity that synthesizes (2'-5')-oligo(A) from ATP is induced in animal cells treated with interferon. This activity, designated (2'-5')A polymerase, is also elevated in human lymphoblastoid Daudi and Raji cells treated with hydrocortisone. The polymerase activity increases significantly after 24 hr of treatment and declines when(More)
Interferon-treated cells show an increase in two double-stranded RNA (dsRNA)-dependent enzymatic activities involving an oligoadenylate polymerase and a protein kinase (ref. 1 and refs therein). The polymerase converts ATP into a series of oligonucleotides characterized by 2'5'-phosphodiester bonds, designated 2'5'-oligo(A) or 2-5A (ref. 1). These(More)
Sotrastaurin, a novel selective protein-kinase-C inhibitor, inhibits early T cell activation via a calcineurin-independent pathway. Efficacy and safety of sotrastaurin in a calcineurin inhibitor-free regimen were evaluated in this two-stage Phase II study of de novo kidney transplant recipients. Stage 1 randomized 131 patients (2:1) to sotrastaurin 300 mg(More)
RATIONALE Recent studies have focused on the role of female sex and estradiol (E2) in pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH), but it is not known whether sex hormones are risk factors for PAH in men. OBJECTIVES We performed a case-control study to determine whether hormone levels (E2, dehydroepiandrosterone-sulfate [DHEA-S], and testosterone) are(More)
Background Breathlessness is the most common symptom reported by patients with pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH). The Modified Borg Dyspnea Scale (MBS) is routinely obtained during the six-minute walk test in the assessment of PAH patients, but it is not known whether the MBS predicts clinical outcomes such as hospitalizations in PAH. Methods We(More)
Efficacy and safety of protein kinase C inhibitor sotrastaurin (STN) with tacrolimus (TAC) was assessed in a 24-month, multicenter, phase II study in de novo liver transplant recipients. A total of 204 patients were randomized (1:1:1:1) to STN 200 mg b.i.d. + standard-exposure TAC (n = 50) or reduced-exposure TAC (n = 52), STN 300 mg b.i.d. +(More)
(2'-5')Oligoadenylic acid [(2'-5')An] polymerase activity was measured in extracts of human lymphoblastoid cells of the Namalva line cultured under different conditions. Exponentially growing cells had a relatively low polymerase activity level, whereas cells grown to limit density showed elevated levels. When fresh medium was added to growth-arrested(More)