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Chronic ethanol consumption has adverse effects on the central nervous system. Hippocampus is one of the target sites of ethanol neurotoxicity. Hippocampal damage is known to result in impairment of learning and memory. This study was aimed to determine whether chronic ethanol consumption could alter the expression levels of brain-derived neurotrophic(More)
UNLABELLED BACKGROUND Organs harvested from a body lapsing into circulatory deficit are exposed to low O2/high CO2, and reach a critical point where original functionality after transplantation is unlikely. The present study evaluates the effect of respiratory assistance using Chlorella photosynthesis on preservation of the rat pancreas from the(More)
BACKGROUND Semi-solidification by gelation or increased viscosity could slow the influx of liquid enteral nutrition (EN) into the small intestine. A liquid EN formula containing pectin that gels under acidic conditions such as those found in the stomach has been developed. A new near-infrared fluorescent imaging reagent was used to non-invasively acquire(More)
Localization of silver grains detected by the silver-impregnation method, a technique used to detect the classical Golgi apparatus, was examined with light and electron microscopy. Two types of silvered images of the Golgi apparatus were compared; each was obtained by Da Fano 's silver-impregnation method, and one was modified with Caulfield 's fixative(More)
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