Ippei Nagamori

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During mammalian spermatogenesis, the mouse VASA homolog (MVH; also known as DDX4), a germ-cell-specific DEAD-box type RNA-binding protein, localizes in a germline-specific RNA granule termed the chromatoid body (CB). Genetic analyses have revealed that MVH is essential for progression through spermatogenesis, although the molecular mechanisms of its(More)
Vasculitis (angiitis) is a systemic autoimmune disease that often causes fatal symptoms. We aimed to isolate cDNA markers that would be useful for diagnosing not only vasculitis but also other autoimmune diseases. For this purpose, we used stepwise subtractive hybridization and cDNA microarray analyses to comprehensively isolate the genes whose expressions(More)
Sirtuins are NAD +-dependent deacylases that regulate numerous biological processes in response to the environment. SirT1 is the mammalian ortholog of yeast Sir2, and is involved in many metabolic pathways in somatic tissues. Whole body deletion of SirT1 alters reproductive function in oocytes and the testes, in part caused by defects in central(More)
We report here the isolation of 44 genes that are upregulated after serum starvation and/or contact inhibition. These genes have been termed TIGA, after Transcript Induced by Growth Arrest. We found that there are two kinds of G0 phases caused by serum starvation, namely, the shallow G0 (or G0/G1) and the deep G0 phases. The shallow G0 is induced by only a(More)
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