Ippei Matsumura

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— We have proposed " attentive workbench (AWB), " an assembly cell that supports the production activities of human workers. Attentive Workbench is composed of an augmented desk interface and self-moving trays with the Sawyer planar motors. In this paper, real assembly experiments using the implemented AWB system are carried out. The merit of the physical(More)
The attentive workbench (AWB) is a new cell production system that supports human workers physically and informationally. Here we focus on physical assembly support through parts delivery, using automatically-moving parts trays. We quantitatively evaluated processing time in actual assembly experiments employing an implemented AWB system.
In recent years, manufacturers are required to maintain wide variety of product lineups according to diversifying consumer trends. Instead of conventional manufacturing lines, cell production systems, in which a single human worker assembles each product from start to finish almost manually, have come into wide use in order to accommodate diversified(More)
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