Ippei Akita

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A small-area low-power low-noise instrumentation amplifier (IA) is desired in arrayed sensor devices that are used for high-spatial-resolution biomedical and environment monitoring systems. This paper presents a 0.06mm chopper-stabilized current-feedback IA with 13.5nV/√Hz input-referred noise and less than 3.5μV offset voltage. For significantly reducing(More)
In this paper, a co-design method and a wafer-level packaging technique of a flexible antenna and a CMOS rectifier chip for use in a small-sized implantable system on the brain surface are proposed. The proposed co-design method optimizes the system architecture, and can help avoid the use of external matching components, resulting in the realization of a(More)
This paper proposes a low-voltage syllabic companding log domain filter without state variable correction circuits, which is needed for externally linear and time-invariant operation of conventional filters. The proposed filter is simplified and has wide input range under low-supply voltage by varying a nodal voltage adaptively. The simulation results show(More)
A current noise reduction technique in chopper instrumentation amplifier (CIA) for high-impedance sensor is presented. The proposed technique is based on a time gating method to reduce time varying shot noise which is induced by channel charge injection of chopper switch transistors. An implemented CIA with the proposed time gating technique achieves more(More)