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Diagnosis of diseases like malaria are very dependent on the identification of parasites in blood. Various methods have been applied for this process. The majority uses machine learning to identify the parasites. This method has shortcomings in long training time and the need to be retrained if a new data emerged. Of the various methods that have been(More)
Fire is one of the disasters that often occur in everyday life and causing losses both in terms of material and non-material. There has been much research done to build a field alarm system. One way to build a fire alarm system is base on fire detection on video data; this is done with digital image processing techniques and machine-vision. Fire detection(More)
The metamorphic technology is very important and can make an animation more attractive. The cyclical metamorphic animation of fractal images can be constructed by more than two fractal images. The multi-transitional IFS code can represent the multiple fractal images as the nodes of the iteration of the cyclical animation. To have the interpolation between(More)
A new approach for detecting faces in a digital image with unconstrained background has been developed. The approach is composed of three phases: segmentation phase, filtering phase and localization phase. In the segmentation phase, we utilized both training and non-training methods, which are implemented in user selectable color space. In the filtering(More)
Self-adaptive system is a system that can take proper action automatically to reach its goal, based on the situation which occur at this system environment to meet satisfactory of its users. This paper would illustrate a case about self-adaptation function requirement in application tools that correspond to the requirement of graphic element adjustment(More)
Spatial data wrapped and processed by an application known as Geographic Information Systems (Geographical Information System / GIS). In desktop based GIS, the spatial information services only occurs when a variety of basic data has been loaded into the applications database. The real challenge for corporate is how to create a GIS that smart, secure, and(More)
In this paper, the weaving effects in metamorphic animation of tree-like fractals are presented. The metamorphic animation technique is very fascinating, especially when the animation is involving objects in nature that can be represented by fractals. Through the inverse problem process, objects in nature can be encoded into IFS fractals form by means of(More)
The animation industry has a challenge to get facial expressions animation that resembles the original facial expressions. One of the supports from the technology is the presence of facial motion capture technology. Unfortunately, this technology requires no small amount of funds and a long preparation time. The process that takes a lot of preparation time(More)
Current Geographical Information System (GIS) has been applied the classical point-in-polygon algorithm such as the ray casting algorithm and winding algorithm to conduct spatial analysis. These algorithms have linear complexity with the number of points available in the map. In this paper, we introduce an efficient algorithm to handle arbitrary polygonal(More)
Indoor buildings as part of man made contains many information of linier perspective. Human has great tendency to build rooms with plane between wall to wall, and wall to floor to be perpendicular each other. This condition gives many advantages so we can use those information to reconstruct 2D imaged room back into 3D space. This paper is aimed to(More)