Ioulios Palamaras

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Metastatic Crohn's disease (MCD) indicates the presence of non-caseating granuloma of the skin at sites separated from the gastrointestinal tract by normal tissue and is the least common dermatologic manifestation of CD. In adults, MCD usually appears after the initial diagnosis of CD in 70% of cases, whereas in children, it appears at the same time as CD(More)
© 2007 The Authors 765 JEADV 2008, 22, 745–775 Journal compilation © 2007 European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology 3 Masuda T, Hara H, Shimojima H, Suzuki H, Tanaka K. Spontaneous complete regression of multiple Bowen’s disease in the web-spaces of the feet. Int J Dermatol 2006; 45: 783–785. 4 Wong TW, Sheu HM, Lee JY, Fletcher RJ. Photodynamic(More)
Calcium antagonists (CAs) or calcium-channel blockers are a common group of antihypertensive medications. These drugs have the property of blocking the calcium channels of vascular and cardiac smooth muscle fibers. Some of these drugs may inhibit the growth and proliferation of vascular smooth muscle cells and fibroblasts, and inhibit the synthesis of(More)
Pityriasis rubra pilaris (PRP) is a rare papulosquamous condition with an estimated incidence of one in 35,000 to one in 50,000. Psoralen and ultraviolet A (UVA) therapy has been used in its treatment but some patients are reported to be clinically photosensitive. We describe the photoinvestigation of a patient with PRP in whom sensitivity to broadband UVA(More)