Iouliia Skliarova

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This paper presents a novel model and method for synthesis of parallel hierarchical finite state machines (PHFSM) that permit to implement algorithms composed of modules in such a way that 1) the modules can be activated from other modules, and 2) more than one module can be activated in parallel. The model combines multiple stack memories interacting with(More)
This paper presents an approach that has been used for teaching disciplines on reconfigurable computing and advanced digital systems, which are intended to cover such topics as architectures and capabilities of field-programmable logic devices; languages for the specification, modeling, and synthesis of digital systems; design methods; computer-aided design(More)
The Boolean satisfiability problem (SAT) consists in determining if a formula in CNF (Conjunctive Normal Form) is satisfiable, i.e. whether there exists an assignment of values to variables that forces the formula to evaluate to 1. It should be noted that SAT is an NPcomplete problem. Thus the complexity of the respective algorithms makes it difficult (and(More)
The paper describes the hardware implementation and optimization of sorting algorithms that use data items as memory addresses with one-bit flags indicating presence of data. The proposed technique enables such type of address-based sorting to be applied either directly or through tree-walk tables permitting number of bits in sorted data items to be(More)
In this paper an adaptive distribution system for manufacturing applications is considered and examined. The system receives a set of various components at a source point and supplies these components to destination points. The objective is to minimize the total distance that has to be traveled. At each destination point some control algorithms have to be(More)
This paper suggests tools that provide significant improvements in the design and verification of FPGA-based digital circuits. These tools include reusable specifications of hardware components (modules) that have been proposed for two types of CAD environments; Xilinx ISE 5.x and Celoxica DK1. The components can be employed to implement both(More)
Reconfigurable systems are widely used nowadays to increase performance of computationally intensive applications. There exist a lot of synthesis tools that automatically generate customized hardware circuits from specifications in both high-level and hardware description languages. However, such tools have a limited applicability because they are unable to(More)