Iosif Legrand

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The MonALISA (Monitoring Agents in A Large Integrated Services Architecture) system provides a distributed monitoring service. MonALISA is based on a scalable Dynamic Distributed Services Architecture which is designed to meet the needs of physics collaborations for monitoring global Grid systems, and is implemented using JINI/JAVA and WSDL/SOAP(More)
Large scientific collaborations are moving towards service oriented architectures for implementation and deployment of globally distributed systems. Clarens is a high performance, easy to deploy Web service framework that supports the construction of such globally distributed systems. This paper discusses some of the core functionality of Clarens that the(More)
We present a data transfer system for the grid environment built on top of the open source FDT tool (Fast Data Transfer) developed by Caltech in collaboration with the National University of Science and Technology (Pakistan). The enhancement layer above FDT consists of a client program fdtcp (FDT copy) and a fdtd service (FDT daemon). This pair of(More)
The next generation of High Energy Physics experiments have envisaged the use of network-distributed Petabyte-scale data handling and computing systems of unprecedented complexity. The general concept is that of a "Data Grid Hierarchy" in which the central facility at the European Laboratory for Particle Physics (CERN) in Geneva will interact and coherently(More)
The Grid Analysis Environment (GAE), which is a continuation of the CAIGEE project [5], is an effort to develop, integrate and deploy a system for distributed analysis. The current focus within the GAE is on the CMS experiment [1] however the GAE design abstracts from any specific scientific experiment and focuses on scientific analysis in general. The GAE(More)
This paper discusses the latest generation of the MONARC (MOdels of Networked Analysis at Regional Centers) simulation framework, as a design and modeling tool for large scale distributed systems applied to HEP experiments. The simulation of Grid architectures has a vital importance in the future deployment of Grid systems for providing the users an(More)
Network monitoring is vital to ensure proper network operation over time, and is tightly integrated with data intensive processing tasks used by modern large scale distributed systems. We present a set of dedicated services developed within the MonALISA framework to provide network management. Such services provide in near real-time the globally aggregated(More)