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Thousands of long intergenic non-coding RNAs (lincRNAs) are encoded by the mammalian genome. However, the function of most of these lincRNAs has not been identified in vivo. Here, we demonstrate a role for a novel lincRNA, linc-MYH, in adult fast-type myofiber specialization. Fast myosin heavy chain (MYH) genes and linc-MYH share a common enhancer, located(More)
Myogenic regulatory factors of the MyoD family have the ability to reprogram differentiated cells toward a myogenic fate. In this study, we demonstrate that Six1 or Six4 are required for the reprogramming by MyoD of mouse embryonic fibroblasts (MEFs). Using microarray experiments, we found 761 genes under the control of both Six and MyoD. Using MyoD ChIPseq(More)
Adult skeletal muscles are composed of slow and fast myofiber subtypes which each express selective genes required for their specific contractile and metabolic activity. Six homeoproteins are transcription factors regulating muscle cell fate through activation of myogenic regulatory factors and driving fast-type gene expression during embryogenesis. We show(More)
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