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During the last few years in Romania, increased numbers of new HIV infections among ethnobotanicals intravenous drug users (eIVDU) were observed. Although most cases have relatively good immunological status, some patients reclaim antiretroviral (ARV) treatment because of very low CD4 count, severe comorbidities and/or pregnancies despite difficulties(More)
Tuberculosis (TB), yet an endemic disease in Romania with a high prevalence compared to the average European incidence, had a slight descendent curve. But in the last 3 years we noticed a new phenomenon: an epidemic of tuberculosis among newly HIV infected intravenous drug users (IVDU). Objective: to determine the incidence, clinical and epidemiological(More)
According to new published data, HIV/AIDS infection currently knows an increase of 8% for the countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia. This happened in our country too, where a new way to get started HIV appeared: intravenous drugs used of so-called soft, legal drugs (ethnobotanicals) near the classic heroin. Objectives: To study the impact of HIV(More)
  • Ionut Popa
  • 2005
In this paper, we present a simple way to estimate probabilities of symbols occurring in a given sequence by considering the context where they appear. Every statistical adaptive compression method can use those estimation to encode a given sequence. The main goal is to find convenient estimation models which assign to every symbol in the sequence a(More)