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Mounting evidence shows that smartphone usage heavily disrupts our work life and social activities. Moreover, it is possible that overuse could resemble addictive tendencies. A key contributing factor to smartphone overuse seems to be usage of the messaging application WhatsApp. Although WhatsApp is one of the most commonly used communication applications(More)
Tracking users across websites and apps is as desirable to the marketing industry as it is unalluring to users. The central challenge lies in identifying users from the perspective of different apps/sites. While there are methods to identify users via technical settings of their phones, these are prone to countermeasures. Yet, in this paper, we show that it(More)
A recent study has implicated the nucleus accumbens of the ventral striatum in explaining why online-users spend time on the social network platform Facebook. Here, higher activity of the nucleus accumbens was associated with gaining reputation on social media. In the present study, we touched a related research field. We recorded the actual Facebook usage(More)
Psychologists and psychiatrists commonly rely on self-reports or interviews to diagnose or treat behavioral addictions. The present study introduces a novel source of data: recordings of the actual problem behavior under investigation. A total of N = 58 participants were asked to fill in a questionnaire measuring problematic mobile phone behavior featuring(More)
We present a framework for collecting and analyzing mobile users' data. We have built our own framework in order to fulfill specific tracking requirements such as app usage and affect/mood recording. We incentivize the users to share their data through giving feedback. The UX and the interface are primary concerns in our Android app. To be able to process(More)
We present some of the methods for quantifying mobile phone usage used in the Menthal app. We show that single numbers work for promoting an idea but more complex visualizations retain users. The Menthal app works as a digital scale and keeps the user updated with his current usage habits. In particular we describe the MScore, a simple way of quantifying(More)
Smartphone usage is a hot topic in pervasive computing due to their popularity and personal aspect. We present our initial results from analyzing how individual differences, such as gender and age, affect smartphone usage. The dataset comes from a large scale longitudinal study, the Menthal project. We select a sample of 30, 677 participants, from which 16,(More)
Pokémon GO was a short lived mobile location-based gaming phenomenon. After its launch in July 2016, it quickly reached 500 million installs, but afterwards interest faded. As part of a large scale "in the wild" mobile phone study we have recorded phone usage and location measurements between June and September 2016. We investigate who were the people(More)
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