Ionel Roventa

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In this paper we consider a vibrational percussion system described by a one-dimensional hyperbolic partial differential equation with boundary dissipation at one extremity and a normal compliance contact condition at the other extremity. Firstly, we obtain the mathematical model using the Calculus of variations and we prove the existence of weak solutions.(More)
We consider a finite difference semi-discrete scheme for the approximation of the boundary controls of a 1-D equation modelling the transversal vibrations of a hinged beam. It is known that, due to the high frequency numerical spurious oscillations, the uniform (with respect to the mesh-size) controllability property of the semi-discrete model fails in the(More)
This article considers the linear 1-d Schrödinger equation in (0, π) perturbed by a vanishing viscosity term depending on a small parameter ε > 0. We study the boundary controllability properties of this perturbed equation and the behavior of its boundary controls vε as ε goes to zero. It is shown that, for any time T sufficiently large but independent of ε(More)
Constantin P. Niculescu and Ionel Rovenţa Department of Mathematics, University of Craiova, 200585 Craiova, Romania Correspondence should be addressed to Ionel Rovenţa, Received 8 April 2010; Accepted 21 June 2010 Academic Editor: Yong Zhou Copyright q 2010 C. P. Niculescu and I. Rovenţa. This is an open access article distributed(More)
In this paper we study, from a control theoretic view point, a 1D model of fluid-particle interaction. More precisely, we consider a point mass moving in a pipe filled with a fluid. The fluid is modelled by the viscous Burgers equation whereas the point mass obeys Newton’s second law. The control variable is a force acting on the mass point. The main result(More)