Ionel Jian

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Programmable System on Chip (PSoC) devices allow interconnection with a wide range of sensors and actuators. They also can communicate using various network protocols. Therefore, PSoC devices are suitable for deploying distributed embedded systems. Due the complexity of such of systems several modeling technologies are proposed to support development.(More)
The large variety of application domains and the large number of applications developed indicate the interest given in efficient and optimal designing of Cyber Physical Systems (CPSs). The UML Profile introduced in this paper is part of a larger project, for an intuitive and easy to use programming model for CPS application design. It is defined to help(More)
The rapid pace of computer technology evolution makes web applications suitable for new approaches in taking steps towards a ‘more’ natural interaction between users of basic online social networking services. One of the properties of “today's web” is the ease by which people develop online applications. This paper focuses on the(More)
Location estimation is an important part of a traffic surveillance system. Markov chain Monte Carlo methods based on particle filters have proved to be an effective solution in sensing error correction. We investigate in this paper the influence of particle filter parameters variation on sensing errors correction accuracy. Considered traffic surveillance(More)
The problem of estimating position of a moving car based on sensor networks was hard investigated over the last period. In this paper we have considered a particle filter design to process the data coming from video sensors and able to predict the next position of a car moving in front of the sensors. The relative error resulting from algorithm will be used(More)
In this paper we address the topic of embedding 2D barcode detection and reading technology into specific online environment applications. We propose a framework for the integration of barcode technology into common use online systems running in web browsers. This article is based upon our fast Data Matrix barcode detection and decoding method as this(More)
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