Iona Jeffery

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A number of distinct subtypes of neuroblastoma exist with different genetic abnormalities that are predicative of outcome. Whole chromosome gains are usually associated with low stage disease and favourable outcome, whereas loss of 1p, 3p and 11q, unbalanced gain of 17q and MYCN amplification (MNA) are indicative of high stage disease and unfavourable(More)
Generalized lymphatic dysplasia (GLD) is a rare form of primary lymphoedema characterized by a uniform, widespread lymphoedema affecting all segments of the body, with systemic involvement such as intestinal and/or pulmonary lymphangiectasia, pleural effusions, chylothoraces and/or pericardial effusions. This may present prenatally as non-immune hydrops.(More)
We have treated six patients with chronic pain following nerve injury using a cryosurgical probe. All had a significant return of hand function and improvement of pain during a mean follow-up of 13.5 months. Open visualisation of the injured nervous tissue is essential for patients undergoing this technique. Four patients regained normal sensation in the(More)
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