Iona Halliday

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The influence of low natural altitudes (< 2000 m) on erythropoietic adaptation is currently unclear, with current recommendations indicating that such low altitudes may be insufficient to stimulate significant increases in haemoglobin mass (Hbmass). As such, the purpose of this study was to determine the influence of 3 weeks of live high, train high(More)
Using 18 different blood group systems, 2,124 cases of doubtful paternity, unevenly distributed among four different population groups--South African Negroes (Xhosas) 645 (30%); South African Caucasians 264 (13%); Cape Coloureds (non-Malay) 1,156 (54%), and Cape Malays 59 (3%)--were analysed. Tests for red cell antigen, plasma protein, red cell enzyme and(More)
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