Ion Smeureanu

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The goal of the paper is to present an architecture designed for mobile multimedia content adaptation, applied to the newest solutions for instruction and learning, generically named mobile learning or m-learning. The field of research is situated at the intersection of mobile tools and e-learning and the research has as a goal to provide the opportunity to(More)
By using semantic web service composition, individual web services can be combined to create complex, but easily reconfigurable systems. Such systems can play a vital role in today's changing economic conditions, as they allow business to quickly adapt to market changes. Taking into consideration that manual web service composition is both time-consuming(More)
Sustainable energy consumption is a research area of a large interest in last years. New energy-efficient lighting technologies exist, which can significantly reduce household electricity consumption, but their adoption has been slow. A considerable number of international studies show that sustainable development scenarios will be realistic if they involve(More)
Nowadays, business interoperability is one of the key factors for assuring competitive advantage for the participant business partners. In order to implement business cooperation, scalable, distributed and portable collaborative systems have to be implemented. This article presents some of the mostly used technologies in this field. Furthermore, it presents(More)
Semantic Web Service technology can play a vital role in today’s changing economic conditions, as it allows business to quickly adapt to market changes. By combining individual services into more complex systems, web service composition facilitates knowledge dynamics and knowledge sharing between business partners. The proposed framework uses a(More)
The development of an open architecture for multimedia data integration and visualization in template based distributed applications is a challenge for the scientific researches. Because of characteristics of multimedia data, their management and querying techniques are unlike than those of traditional data. We can increase the potential use of multimedia(More)
The new programming technologies allow for the creation of components which can be automatically or manually assembled to reach a new experience in knowledge understanding and mastering or in getting skills for a specific knowledge area. The project proposes an interactive framework that permits the creation, combination and utilization of components that(More)
This paper provides a model for the use of ontology in e-learning systems for structuring educational content in the domain of healthcare human resources management (HHRM) in Romania. In this respect we propose an effective method to improve the learning system by providing personalized learning paths created using ontology and advanced educational(More)