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The Retuerta is one of the oldest breed of horses in Europe, which roams wild in the Donana National Park, Andalusia, Spain. Thirty-two of these horses were marked with wireless sensors to gather spatio-temporal data on their behaviour over a period of several months. This paper describes our experiences of tracking and monitoring these wild horses attached(More)
This paper addresses the use of on-body sensors for tracking and monitoring Retuerta wild horses (one of the oldest horse breeds in Europe) over a 12-month period in the Doñana National Park, Andalusia, Spain. The challenges are outlined and the design of the Prospeckz-5 platform, which is used in both the sensor node on the horses and in the base(More)
This paper describes an integrated hybrid simulation environment in which physical electronic devices interact in real-time with a discrete-event simulator and a 3D visualisation engine, where the communication between the real devices and the virtual world is mediated by CoAP. The resulting simulation framework is a powerful tool for designers of Internet(More)
The Virtual Beacon-Time Division Multiple Access (VB-TDMA) communication protocol has been proposed in [12] for a growing class of applications which require GPS tracking of autonomous mobile entities in the outdoors, and the long-term continuous monitoring of their contextual information using wireless sensors. Examples include monitoring animal behaviour(More)
The volume of research performed in the domain of Wireless Sensor Networks has increased substantially in recent years. This is due to the advancement of fabrication technology of low-power devices containing various sensors along with a wireless interface, allowing costs to be reduced. However, the deployment of large-scale sensor networks, which could(More)
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