Ion Constantinescu

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It has been widely recognised that matchmaking is an important component for environments populated with heterogeneous services. Several researchers have developed powerful techniques for the matchmaking problem in general. There are also specific representation of service capabilities such as DAML-S which provide a more specific framework for matchmaking.(More)
Service matchmaking and composition has recently drawn increasing attention in the research community. Most existing algorithms construct chains of services based on exact matches of input/output types. However, this does not work when the available services only cover a part of the range of the input type. We present an algorithm that also allows partial(More)
<i>Web services</i> make information and software available programmatically via the Internet and may be used as building blocks for applications. A composite web service is one that is built using multiple component web services and is typically specified using a language such as BPEL4WS or WSIPL. Once its specification has been developed, the composite(More)
In a service-oriented environment services can be composed such that new value added services are created. The problem of service composition raises a number of specific issues like the openness of the environment and the large number of possible services. As currently such massive service deployments do not exist, the current techniques proposed for(More)
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The integration of Semantic Web and Web Services technologies promises to be one of the most promising new areas for development of Intelligent Web Applications. One challenging area where these technologies meet is in explicit definitions of meaning for the messages exchanged between Web Services - in other words, semantic definitions of the meanings(More)
<lb>(for dissemination)<lb>This deliverable is for internal usage of the consortium. It specifies a prototype<lb>of a tool for goal oriented SWS composition.<lb>Keywords<lb>composition, configuration, constraint, policy, finite model, search, semantic web<lb>service, web service, workflow, modeling Version Log<lb>Issue Date Rev No. Author Change<lb>09-10-05(More)
Service directories are a key component of distributed systems where shared information must be managed efficiently. For a directory with a large numbers of entries, the result set of a query may be large, too. In this case, it is important to order the results according to heuristics and to retrieve them incrementally. Our contribution is an integrated(More)