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Denial-of-service attacks are the second most costly type of computer crime, after viruses, according to the 2008 Computer Security Institute survey of security professional's at large organizations. Until recently, denial-of-service attacks were usually weapons used by novice attackers in vendettas against enemies. But like other types of malicious(More)
The SciFinance software synthesis system automates the programming task for financial risk management activities ranging from algorithms research to production pricing to risk control. Introduced commercially in late 1998, the system is currently licensed to a number of major investment banks. SciFinance’s high-level, extensible specification language,(More)
Ad hoc networks represent a promising communication technology that targets the ensuring of connectivity in special scenarios in which dedicated infrastructure cannot be used. The core of ad hoc networks is represented by the ad hoc routing protocols. These routing protocols raise specific security aspects that need to be taken care of. Many propositions of(More)
IP multicast has proved to be the best approach for large scale multimedia communications enhancing video transmissions for applications like IPTV, video conferencing or other best-effort real-time audio/video applications. IP multicast connectivity, unfortunately, relays on certain network technologies and protocols and is present only in some areas of the(More)
As a collaborative network for distribution of multimedia streams to a potentially large number of hosts, P2P networking relays on efficient application layer multicast distribution services. As for centralized streaming application, delivery constraints are also stringent requirements for P2P networks in order to prevent playback glitches or service(More)
Many biological environments display an almost radially-symmetric structure, allowing proteins, cells or animals to move in an oriented fashion. Motivated by specific examples of cell movement in tissues, pigment protein movement in pigment cells and animal movement near watering holes, we consider a class of radially-symmetric anisotropic diffusion(More)