Iolanda de Fátima Lopes Calvo Tibério

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The precise role of each nitric oxide (NO) synthase (NOS) isoform in the pathobiology of asthma is not well established. Our objective was to investigate the contribution of constitutive NO synthase (cNOS) and inducible NOS (iNOS) isoforms to lung mechanics and inflammatory and remodeling responses in an experimental model of chronic allergic pulmonary(More)
The influence of stress and diazepam treatment on airway inflammation was investigated in ovalbumin (OVA)-sensitized rats. Animals were injected with OVA plus aluminum hydroxide intraperitoneally (day 0) and boosted with OVA subcutaneously (day 7). From the first to 13th day after sensitization, rats were treated with diazepam, and 1 h later they were(More)
Acetylcholine (ACh) plays a crucial role in physiological responses of both the central and the peripheral nervous system. Moreover, ACh was described as an anti-inflammatory mediator involved in the suppression of exacerbated innate response and cytokine release in various organs. However, the specific contributions of endogenous release ACh for(More)
We evaluated the influence of iNOS-derived NO on the mechanics, inflammatory, and remodeling process in peripheral lung parenchyma of guinea pigs with chronic pulmonary allergic inflammation. Animals treated or not with 1400 W were submitted to seven exposures of ovalbumin in increasing doses. Seventy-two hours after the 7th inhalation, lung strips were(More)
Eosinophils are circulating granulocytes involved in pathogenesis of asthma. A cascade of processes directed by Th2 cytokine producing T-cells influence the recruitment of eosinophils into the lungs. Furthermore, multiple elements including interleukin (IL)-5, IL-13, chemoattractants such as eotaxin, Clara cells, and CC chemokine receptor (CCR)3 are already(More)
The peripheral lung parenchyma has been studied as a component of the asthmatic inflammatory response. During induced constriction, tissue resistance increases in different asthma models. Approximately 60% of the asthmatic patients show early and late responses. The late response is characterized by more severe airway obstruction. In the present study, we(More)
Flavonoids are polyphenolic compounds classified into flavonols, flavones, flavanones, isoflavones, catechins, anthocyanidins, and chalcones according to their chemical structures. They are abundantly found in Nature and over 8,000 flavonoids have from different sources, mainly plant materials, have been described. Recently reports have shown the valuable(More)
UNLABELLED We evaluated the effects of anti-iNOS (1400W - W) associated with leukotriene antagonist (montelukast - M) or corticosteroid (dexamethasone - D) on distal lung of guinea pigs (GP) with chronic pulmonary inflammation. METHODS GP were inhaled with ovalbumin (OVA-2×/week/4 weeks), treated with M (OVAM), D (OVAD) and/or W (OVAW, OVADW, OVAMW) and(More)
We evaluated whether Rho-kinase inhibition (Y-27632) modulated distal lung responsiveness, inflammation, extracellular matrix remodeling and oxidative stress activation in guinea pigs (GPs) with chronic allergic inflammation. GPs were submitted to inhalation of ovalbumin (OVA-2×/week/4 weeks). From the 5th inhalation on, the Rho-kinase inhibitor group(More)
Asthma is a chronic inflammatory airway disease characterized by allergen-induced airway hyperresponsiveness, airway inflammation, and remodeling. Nitric oxide (NO) derived from constitutive and inducible enzymes affects many aspects of asthma physiopathology. Animal in vivo studies have indicated that inhibition of iNOS may play a central role in the(More)