Ioannis Vlachopoulos

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In this paper we present the tool GeoTriples that allows the transformation of Earth Observation data and geospatial data into RDF graphs, by using and extending the R2RML mapping language to be able to deal with the specificities of geospatial data. GeoTriples is a semiautomated tool that transforms geospatial information into RDF following the state of(More)
The French national mapping agency (IGN) produces several different but complementary geographic vector reference databases delivered in traditional GIS formats. However, linked data users have different expectations and habits, such as the need to browse an entire data catalogue in RDF using the ”follow-your-nose” navigation capacity from one graph to(More)
In this paper we investigate how STRIPS planning techniques can be used to enhance the behavior of worker units that are common in real-time strategy (RTS) video games. Worker units are typically instructed to carry out simple tasks such as moving to destinations or mining for a type of resource. In this work we investigate how this interaction can be(More)
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