Ioannis Tsitouridis

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PURPOSE The purpose of our study was to evaluate the imaging findings of intrahepatic portosystemic venous shunts (IPSVS) in asymptomatic patients. MATERIALS AND METHODS Between 2002 and 2008, we examined 8 patients with IPSVS which were found incidentally. Diagnosis was based on ultrasonography, computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the role of inferior colliculi as a generator of Wave V of brainstem auditory evoked potentials and in modulating the olivocochlear efferent auditory system. STUDY DESIGN Case review. SETTING University and tertiary referral centers. PATIENTS Case report of a patient with word deafness caused by mesencephalic hemorrhage according(More)
Splenosis is a condition in which ectopic spleen tissue may be found in the peritoneal cavity or in other unusual locations due to heterotopic auto-transplantation and implantation of splenic tissue after splenic trauma or splenectomy. It is a benign condition that is often misdiagnosed as a tumor; therefore, knowledge of this condition is important when(More)
PURPOSE To compare the measured resection technique and the gap balancing technique for correction of the femoral rotational alignment. METHODS 57 women and 6 men (mean age, 70 years) with end-stage osteoarthritis and <15º malalignment and <10º flexion contracture of the knee underwent primary total knee arthroplasty through the medial approach using the(More)
Treacher-Collins syndrome or mandibulofacial dysostosis is an autosomal dominant disorder of craniofacial development. In this familial syndrome there is an arrest in the development of the facial bones, manifested by a depression of the malar bones, an antimonogoloid slant of the palpebral fissures, mandibular hypoplasia with retrognathia, coloboma of the(More)
Twenty-three patients with an arachnoid cyst in the frontal part of the temporal bone, which produced exopthtalmos, were evaluated with CT and MRI. The majority of the patients had the peak of the bowing of the bony orbit wall in the posterior third (20/23) and only three in the middle. Arachnoid cyst are classified as small (13/23), medium (5/23) or large(More)
BACKGROUND Lung cancer is the second commonest malignant tumour, with its splenic metastasis being a rare event. CASE PRESENTATION We report an exceedingly rare case of a moderate-to-low differentiation squamous cell lung carcinoma in a middle-aged man with a large solitary splenic metastasis detected simultaneously with the primary tumour. Surgical(More)
This study assessed the value of three-dimensional CT (3D CT) in the diagnosis of craniosynostosis, and correlated the cranial deformity with the presence of osseous defects in cranial vault's bones. One hundred and two children (55♀ and 47♂) with a clinical suspicion of craniosynostosis, underwent spiral computed tomography with 3D reconstruction using the(More)
The perivascular spaces are normally microscopic. Even in normal brain some Robin-Virchow spaces are usually seen in the area of substantia innominata at the level of anterior commissure. Many pathologic states result in abnormal dilatation with an increased number of spaces visible on MRI imaging. Dilatation is most commonly associated with anterior(More)
Sprengel shoulder is a rare congenital deformity of one or both scapulae that is usually detected at birth. It occurs due to failure of the scapula to descend during intrauterine development and its cause is still unknown. Although the deformity appears randomly most of the time, familial cases have been reported. Sprengel shoulder is often associated with(More)