Ioannis Pogkas

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This article presents BPELcube, a framework comprising a scalable architecture and a set of distributed algorithms, which support the decentralized enactment of BPEL processes. In many application domains, BPEL processes are long-running, involve the exchange of voluminous data with external Web services, and are concurrently accessed by large numbers of(More)
Considering the current transformation of Environmental Information Systems to environmental services accessible over the web, the provision of adaptable environmental services is becoming an emerging challenge. Within this context, solutions that support the adaptation and distributed execution of service chains seem promising. In this paper we present a(More)
Most P2P file-sharing systems are unable to create self- organizing communities of similar nodes that provide good services to their members. In this paper, we propose a Gnutella-like file-sharing protocol based on the premise that each peer only creates links with the best counterparts which the peer has discovered in the network. Termed adaptive Gnutella(More)
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