Ioannis Parissis

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We present structural test coverage criteria for LUSTRE programs. LUSTRE is a synchronous data-flow declarative language widely used for safety-critical applications (avionics, energy, transport). Many coverage criteria are defined for sequential languages and are widely used in the software industry (for instance, statement or branch coverage). They are(More)
Composition of Web Services (WSs) is anticipated as the future standard way to dynamically build distributed applications, and hence their veri cation and validation is attracting great attention. The standardization of BPEL as a composition language and of WSDL as a WS interface de nition language has led researchers to investigate veri cation and(More)
Synchronous programming makes the implementation of reactive software easier and safer. Automatic formal verification methods based on model-checking have been developed within the synchronous approach to prove the satisfaction by the software of safety properties. But these methods often require huge memory or time amounts. As a solution to that problem we(More)
Lutess is a testing environment designed for synchronous software specified with Lustre, a synchronous data-flow language. It makes possible to automatically generate test input sequences in conformance with a specification of the software external behavior and of guiding directives such as operational profiles and behavioral patterns. Lutess deals with(More)
Lutess is a testing environment designed for synchronous software specified with Lustre, a synchronous data-flow language widely used in safety critical domains such as avionics, energy and transport. Lutess automatically transforms the formal description of the program environment and properties to test generators that feed, on the fly, the program under(More)
Let AN be an N-point set in the unit square and consider the Discrepancy function DN(~x) ≔ ♯ ( AN ∩ [~0, ~x) ) −N|[~0, ~x)|, where ~x = (x1, x2) ∈ [0, 1], [0, ~x) = ∏2 t=1[0, xt), and |[~0, ~x)| denotes the Lebesgue measure of the rectangle. We give various refinements of a well-known result of (Schmidt, 1972) on the L∞ norm of DN. We show that necessarily(More)
Several studies have shown that automated testing is a promising approach to save signiicant amounts of time and money in the industry of reactive software. But automated testing requires a formal framework and adequate means to generate test data. In the context of synchronous reactive software, we have built such a framework and its associated(More)
This paper presents a study aiming at improving the cost and the thoroughness of testing process of avionic applications developed at Airbus. The proposed approach aims at generating automatically functional tests from formal detailed specification and a functional test objective. This automatic test data generation is guided by the specification structure(More)