Ioannis Paraskevakos

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In this paper a flexible, high-throughput, low-complexity additive white gaussian noise (AWGN) channel generator is presented. The proposed generator employs a Mersenne-Twister to generate a long random number uniformly distributed sequence and a Box-Muller transformation implementation to derive gaussian noise samples. Emphasis is given on developing a(More)
In this paper we quantify the power of noise due to quantization and saturation of the LLRs. Subsequently a model is constructed using the obtained noise power expressions that can be used to estimate the performance of various LLR quantization schemes. The model is validated by comparing the estimation with experimental BER results for an LDPC-based system(More)
High performance distributed computing environments have traditionally been designed to meet the compute demands of scientific applications, supercomputers have historically been producers and not consumers of data. The Apache Hadoop ecosystem has evolved to address many of the traditional limitations of HPC platforms. There exist a whole class of(More)
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