Ioannis P. Gerothanassis

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Oregano vulgare L. ssp. hirtum (Greek oregano), Salvia fruticosa (Greek sage), and Satureja hortensis (summer savory) were examined as potential sources of phenolic antioxidant compounds. The(More)
Structure elucidation of natural products usually relies on a combination of NMR spectroscopy with mass spectrometry whereby NMR trails MS in terms of the minimum sample amount required. In the(More)
A novel strategy for NMR analysis of mixtures of oleanolic and ursolic acids that occur in natural products is described. These important phytochemicals have similar structure and their(More)
Accurate (1)H chemical shifts of the -OH groups of polyphenol compounds can be calculated, compared to experimental values, using a combination of DFT, polarizable continuum model (PCM) and discrete(More)
The 14N nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) linewidths of the alpha-amino groups of several protein amino acids were measured in aqueous solution, with and without composite proton decoupling, to(More)