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One of the most common deficiencies of currently existing induction motor fault diagnosis techniques is their lack of automatization. Many of them rely on the qualitative interpretation of the results, a fact that requires significant user expertise, and that makes their implementation in portable condition monitoring devices difficult. In this paper, we(More)
Noise emissions of inverter-driven electric motors are highly influenced by additional electromagnetic noise generated by the current harmonics from inverter operation. The amplitude and the frequency of these harmonics depend on the modulation technique applied in the power electronic converter. The purpose of this paper is to highlight the important role(More)
The issue of noise emission from electric drives is becoming increasingly important. Motor manufacturers have to comply with certain standards in order to assure the high competitiveness of their products. At the same time, with today's variable speed drives, which are supplied with nonsinusoidal voltages, the issue of noise reduction has become more(More)
The knowledge of the inherent common-mode voltage of voltage source inverters and its impact on the mechanical drive train elements is an important issue. With the help of model-based calculations it is possible to identify critical operating points. In addition to the influence of the converter, different operating conditions such as speed and temperature(More)
In this paper, a data-driven approach for the classification of simultaneously occurring faults in an induction motor is presented. The problem is treated as a multilabel classification problem, with each label corresponding to one specific fault. The faulty conditions examined include the existence of a broken bar fault and the presence of mixed(More)
In the past, subsynchronous cascade drive behavior at slips that are a multiple of 1/6 has caused controversy among researchers. A new approach for predicting and interpreting drive behavior at these slips is presented in this paper. With the help of the space vector theory, an analytical investigation that shows a specific synchronization of the induction(More)
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