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Doppler echocardiography was performed in 136 patients with a normally functioning prosthetic valve in the aortic (n = 59), mitral (n = 74) and tricuspid (n = 3) positions. These included patients with St. Jude (n = 82), Björk-Shiley (n = 18), Beall (n = 13), Starr-Edwards (n = 7) or tissue (n = 16) valves. Peak and mean pressure gradients across the(More)
Seven patients with left atrial (LA) myxoma who were studied by M-mode, two-dimensional, and Doppler echocardiography and who underwent surgical excision of the tumor are described. In six patients, the myxoma was attached to the lower interatrial septum and was protruding through the mitral valve (MV) during diastole. Significant MV obstruction (mean(More)
Left ventricular hypertrophy is an important adaptive response to chronic pressure or volume overload of the left ventricle. The different types and the pathophysiologic mechanisms of the development of left ventricular hypertrophy in various disease states are reviewed. Detection of left ventricular hypertrophy may be accomplished by electrocardiography(More)
Two-dimensional echocardiographic determination of right ventricular ejection fraction was compared with right ventricular ejection fraction obtained by first pass radionuclide angiography in 39 patients with coronary artery disease. Apical four chamber and two chamber right ventricular views were obtained in 34 (87%) of the 39 patients, while a subcostal(More)
BACKGROUND The somatostatin analogue, ectrootide, is being used to treat postprandial hypotension in patients with autonomic neuropathy. Although the therapeutic effect of the drug is presumably secondary to a splanchnic vasoconstrictor action, its effect on splanchnic hemodynamics has never been characterized in patients with autonomic neuropathy.(More)
To determine the cardiac rhythm disturbances underlying sudden death, 15 patients (14 inpatients and 1 outpatient) who had cardiac arrest unexpectedly while undergoing ambulatory electrocardiographic monitoring were identified. Heart disease was present in 11 patients and 7 patients were admitted to the hospital with chest pain before sudden cardiac death(More)