Ioannis Mourtos

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Numerous real-life problems require certain variables to be assigned different values. This requirement is encapsulated in constraints of difference. If x1, x2 denote two problem variables, the (nonlinear) constraint of difference is x1 6= x2. Given that variables x1,..., xn must all be pairwise different, a constraint of the type all_different(x1, ..., xn)(More)
We consider the problem of Mutually Orthogonal Latin Squares and propose two algorithms which integrate Integer Programming (IP) and Constraint Programming (CP). Their behaviour is examined and compared to traditional CP and IP algorithms. The results assess the quality of inference achieved by the CP and IP, mainly in terms of early identification of(More)
We consider Pareto optimal matchings (POMs) in a many-to-many market of applicants and courses where applicants have preferences, which may include ties, over individual courses and lexicographic preferences over sets of courses. Since this is the most general setting examined so far in the literature, our work unifies and generalizes several known results.(More)
Consider a many-to-many matching market that involves two finite disjoint sets, a set of applicants A and a set of courses C. Each applicant has preferences on the different sets of courses she can attend, while each course has a quota of applicants that it can admit. In this paper, we examine Pareto optimal matchings (briefly POM) in the context of such(More)