Ioannis Mihailidis

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We present an approach for video based human motion capture using a static multi camera setup. The image data of calibrated video cameras is used to generate dense volumentric reconstructions of a person within the capure volume. The 3d reconstructions are then used to fit a 3d cone model into the data utilizing the Iterative Closest Point (ICP) algorithm.(More)
Keyboard, mouse, and game controllers are common input devices for most computer games. Alternative devices are rarely used, restricting the player’s possible interaction with the virtual world. Computer vision techniques permit interaction with the computer that grants far more freedom than traditional devices, without the need of game-specific hardware(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine if intravesically administered recombinant interferon (IFN) gamma may serve as adjuvant first line treatment in prophylaxis of superficial bladder cancer by reducing its risk for recurrence, in the short term. MATERIAL AND METHODS A total of 54 patients (43 males and 11 females) with superficial bladder tumours (Ta/T1) initially(More)
This study was conducted to examine the effect of height and weight on the incidence of varicocele in schoolboys aged 5-16 years and the impact of varicocele on testicular size. Genital stage, height, weight, varicocele grade, and testicular size were recorded for 3047 school boys who were clinically examined while standing by a specialist in urology. Left(More)
BACKGROUND The infiltration of muscularis mucosa in superficial bladder cancer has been reported to be predictive of an unfavourable course of the disease. MATERIALS AND METHODS We studied immunohistochemically Ki-67, PCNA and p53 tumour markers in 68 P1a and Pib bladder tumours. RESULTS A statistically significant difference (p = 0.01) was found in the(More)
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