Ioannis Metzidakis

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The present study attempts to determine how some physiological and reproductive functions of olive tree (Olea europaea L., cv. Koroneiki) respond to enhanced UV-B radiation or heat. Enhanced UV-B radiation was applied to (1) three-year-old potted plants in an open nursery (corresponded to ca. 16% ozone depletion), and (2) in vitro cultured pollen samples(More)
Avocado fruit (Persea americana Mill., cv. Hass), preclimacteric and ripening-initiated, were either hypoxically pretreated (HPT, 3% O 2 for 24 h) or exposed directly to 1 and 0.25% O 2 for 1 – 3 days (NHPT) at 20 °C. Low O 2 treatments resulted in fruit maintaining higher flesh firmness. Hypoxic acclimation of preclimacteric and ripening-initiated avocado(More)
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