Ioannis Margaros

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[reaction: see text] The first total synthesis of litseaverticillols B (1), E (2), I (4), and J (5) as well as the structural reassignment of litseaverticillol E (2) have been achieved by means of a biomimetic sequence of transformations during which a [4 + 2]-initiated reaction cascade and an ene reaction, both involving singlet oxygen ((1)O(2)), formed(More)
Biomimetic syntheses of the litseaverticillols A-G, I and J are reported herein. The syntheses rely heavily on the application of two different modes of reaction for photochemically generated singlet oxygen, namely, the [4+2] cycloaddition of singlet oxygen (1O2) with furans and the ene reaction of 1O2 with double bonds. The highlight of these syntheses is(More)
Short and efficient syntheses of coronarin E (4) and chinensines A-E (5-9) have been accomplished. The use of two different types of reaction of singlet oxygen ((1)O(2)) lies at the heart of the synthetic strategy. The syntheses have facilitated the clarification of certain previously unknown, or unconfirmed, stereochemical details (the relativity(More)
A short and efficient synthesis of the antitumor diterpenoid (+)-zerumin B has been accomplished starting from (+)-sclareolide. At the heart of the synthetic strategy lies the regioselective formation of the alpha-substituted gamma-hydroxybutenolide moiety of zerumin B. This was achieved by means of a [1,4] O-->C triisopropylsilyl migration followed by(More)
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